Can we register for the 2022 Season?

2022 Season Registration is closed for both Football and Cheer.
We would love to have you join us for the 2023 season. We anticipate Kicking off SUPER Early Bird Registration early in 2023. (The earlier you register the more payment options available to you.) 

Registration will end, without extension by June of 2023.

My child as aged out of the program, is there any way they can help?

Yes! And we would absolutely love to help enrich their growth and development. We are a registered non-profit organization and they can apply to volunteer. This is the perfect opportunity for your child to gain Community Service Hours for Honors Programs. Based on their age and development there are various ways to volunteer: assisting in coaching, set up/tear down, hydration station, check-ins, running small groups at camps and clinics, and so much more! Click on the Registration Tab ( and register to become a Coach/Volunteer.

We’ve never played Football or Cheered before. Can we register?

Absolutely you can! We encourage you to take advantage of every camp, clinic, workout, and community event to get to know us and see if we are the perfect fit for your family.
We hope you will love us and register for the season to allow your Hawk to work with new and seasoned players and cheerleaders.

How old does our child have to be, to join ROYFA?

This one can be a little confusing if I just tell you the ages, but hear me out. They have to be 4 years to 12* years on September 1st of the season. Even if your child is 3 years old, but will be 4 years old this coming September 1st… they can participate in all activities. If your preteen will be 12 years old, they must be in 6th grade or below in order to register and participate in the season.

We have a Hawk in Football and in Cheer, but they are in different age groups… Will they have games at different times?

Ooooooo Good Question - We get this one A LOT!! We believe in making things as stress free as possible for families. Our Cheer Director and team work diligently with Coaches and Parents to try to accommodate families… essentially moving cheerleaders to the age group of their sibling in football (since football has strict rules for age pure teams).

When will our Hawks practice?

This varies by Coaches/Teams, Location Availability, and whether it's off-season activities, pre-season or in-season training. 
Football and Cheer practices will typically be held 2 to 3 days a week, between Monday and Thursday. 
We may adjust times due to weather and time-change.

All updates will be made via our Team Chats. 

What about COVID? You know the Coronavirus Pandemic situation?

Oooo another great question! Okay, we understand we are still in unprecedented times. We follow local, state, and nation rules for all events. We take it seriously. We ask that all attendees check themselves prior to attending all events, practices, and games for symptoms, including fever. By keeping a close eye on the Centers of Disease Control, World Health Organization and consulting local COVID experts we are able to make the most informed decisions for our organization. Each family is also responsible for their overall health and wellness. 

We also understand the economy has changed and even production times have changed. We work hard to make appropriate accommodations. 

What costs can we expect this season?

Our 2022 Board of Directors is working with vendors to offer the most, for the least amount possible for our Hawk families. We are so close to having this information available for you. 

Spring Combine is FREE for all football players and cheerleaders. We are excited to be able to offer this mini season, you can learn more on the Registration Tab. 

Here is the Cost Breakdown for the 2021 Season, to give you an idea of what we try to offer:

Registration and Uniform (minus cleats) prices are explained in greater detail below…
**a Fundraising Option is Available**







Flag Football


$  95

Tackle Football



Cheer Uniform Fee includes:
Uniform Shell
Long Sleeve Undershirt (Black)
Boy Short/Bloomers
Socks (White w/Hawk Maroon edging)
Shoes (White)
Pom Poms
Pink Bow (Pink Out October - Breast Cancer Awareness)
Pink Socks (Pink Out October - Breast Cancer Awareness)

Flag Football Uniform Fee includes:
Reversible Flag Jersey
Game Shorts – Dri-Fit
Compression Game Undershirt (with ROYFA logo)
Practice T-Shirt (in Hawk Maroon with Number)
Practice Shorts (mesh)
Hawk Maroon Socks
Pink Socks (Pink Out October – Breast Cancer Awareness)

**NOT included are Cleats for your little Hawk.**

Tackle Football Uniform Fee includes:
Reversible Tackle Jersey
Game Black Integrated Football Pants
Compression Game Undershirt (with ROYFA logo)
Practice Jersey (in White with Number)
Practice Shorts (mesh)
Hawk Maroon Socks
Pink Socks (Pink Out October – Breast Cancer Awareness)

**NOT included are Cleats for your little Hawk.**