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All Stars Game

Who? Cheerleaders and Football players have been confirmed.
What? All Star Game consists of players from various team sin NWTXYFA coming together to make 1 team - per division - per age group to play against each other.
When? December 10th
Where? Waxahachie, Texas

More Details to Come...

Save These Dates - More info will come

2023 Board of Directors officially begin serving ROYFA January 1st, 2023

Spring Camp - TBA
Summer Conditioning - TBA
Official Practices - TBA
Official Season - TBA

Sharing Photos and Videos

We love our Little Hawks!
Our Hawk Families grab some of the most beautiful moments and we would love for you to share them with us!
Practices, PepRally, Game Days,  Team Bonding, On the way home naps, Vacations, First Day of School, Other Sports, and more...
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2022 Homecoming Court

Zaria Bass, Justin Mills
6u Maroon
Syndee Wilson, Lamar Wilson
6u Grey
Merrell Sparks, Karter Johnson
Brooklyn Cofer, Keizer Upchurch
Aubree Devitt, Lorenzo Diaz
Mia Deadmon, Jacob Campos
Kynzie Land, Jerry Reese
12u Maroon
Belen Salinas, Jaxon Kirkpatrick
12u Grey
Savannah Juarez, Carter Green

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Responsibilities for Positions

2022 is the voting year for the following positions: Vice President, Treasurer, Cheer Director, and Social Media & Marketing Director. Below are the responsibilities listed in our By-Laws, please note responsibilites are typically not limited to these listed for each position.

Vice President:
1. Holds an officer position.
2. The Vice President in the absence of the President shall perform all duties.
3. Will assume the duties for any vacant position(s) until the position(s) has been appointed or elected to position.
4. Shall be responsible for proposing the total budget for the coming year to the board for their approval. This should be completed by the second board meeting of the new year.
5. Shall coordinate with the Treasurer on maintaining 501c and filing taxes as indicated on an annual basis.
6. Shall act as a liaison for any contract negotiations and report to the Board of Directors on the status of the contract and needs.
7. Will oversee the Treasurer, Secretary, Cheer and Football Director and Social Media and Marketing Director to ensure job duties are performed per outlined job duties.
8. Shall facilitate the resolution of any formal complaints from parents, spectators, coaches, and board members.
9. Attend scheduled board meetings and if unable to attend, advise the President of any pending business.
10. Attend board meetings for the associated football league in the event the President or Football Director are not able to attend.
11. Will be responsible for assisting with and assigning executive board members to help with opening and closing of the field when games are scheduled at home field.
12. Other duties as assigned by the President.
13. Shall read, sign, and abide by established Code of Ethics.

1. Holds an officer position.
2. Collect and account for all money taken in by the Association.
3. Maintain the records of all funds deposited and disbursed.
4. Provide current financial statements at each board meeting.
5. Will be responsible for either opening or closing of the field when games are scheduled in Red Oak.
6. Attend scheduled meetings and if unable to attend, advise the President or Vice President of any pending business.
7. Maintain a copy of all receipts, bank statements, etc., in an organized system. These records shall be uploaded to the Association’s shared drive.
8. Oversee all football players and cheerleaders accounts to maintain accuracy.
9. Assists in collecting money from the concession stands and gate.
10. Other duties assigned by the President or Vice President.
11. Shall present Association’s most recent Bank Statement to each Board Meeting.
12. Pay all bills necessary to maintain the functionality of the Football Association. Ex: Utilities, Storage, Referees.

Cheer Director:
1. Holds a general board member position.
2. The Cheer Director will organize all forms, for preparation of the upcoming season. Forms include: Information Sheet, Flyers for handout, Team Mom/Dad, Coach Application & Agreement, Parent Meeting Notes, Uniform Fitting Forms, Camp Registration, and any other forms. These duties may be delegated to other Directors but should be agreed upon as a unit.
3. The Cheer Director will organize the uniform purchase and camp gear. By getting the vendor catalogs, meeting with the board of directors and to make decisions on the uniform and camp gear organizes the bid for the vendor and finalizes the cost. All the board members must agree upon the final decision of a new uniform or any changes to an existing uniform. These duties may be delegated to other directors but should be agreed upon as a unit.
4. All directors will oversee all other duties such as scheduling Fitting Times, Trade Days, Cheerleading Camp, Pictures.
5. Direct the selection, training, and presentation of their respective cheerleader division squads for the Association.
6. Will be responsible for the opening or closing of the field when games are scheduled in Red Oak.
7. Attend scheduled Board Meetings and if unable to attend, advise the President or Vice President of any pending business.
8. All Cheerleader Directors will be voting members.
9. Direct the selection and training of Cheerleader Coaches and Team Moms/Dads.
10. Other duties assigned by the President or Vice President.


Social Media and Marketing Director:
1. Hold a general board member position.
2. Responsible for researching, strategizing, campaigning, analyzing and creating content for the league.
3. Building and maintaining the leagues brand.
4. Analyzes and executes strategies, and reports to the board.
5. Customizing and managing social media platforms and online presence, including group chats for public and private discussions for the league.
6. Works directly with the executive board to monitor and share information regarding the league.
7. Works with board, coaches, team moms, and parents to identify and develop opportunities, diffuse situations, and build connections within the league and community.
8. Continues to refine and define PR Social Media Marketing position and processes.

Responsibilities of Board Members:
1. Manage the activities of the Association.
2. Vote on matters brought before the Board at Association meetings.
3. Attend meetings as scheduled.
4. Fulfill individual responsibilities of each role.
5. Each member will be responsible for assisting with the opening and/or closing of the field when games are scheduled in Red Oak.
6. Board Members may not personally profit off the league for any reason. Special exceptions for business endeavors or affiliations may be approved by the Board of Directors on an individual basis.
7. All Board Members that meet the responsibilities outlined for participation and remain in good standing will have the registration fees waived for their term on the Board of Directors. Each Board Member is allotted 1 player or cheerleader registration waived per season. Each Board Member must write a check to the Association for the amount of the Registration Fees. In the event that the Board Member is not able to meet the outlined responsibilities, the check will be deposited to cover associated registration fees.
8. All Board Members must complete the following:
● Attend 9 of the 12 regularly scheduled Board Meetings (January – December).
● Attend 75% of At Hoc meetings during their term.
● Must give a minimum 24-hour advanced notification to either the President, Vice President or Secretary if they are unable to attend a Board Meeting (Emergency circumstances will be reviewed as needed).
● Must serve/volunteer a minimum of 10 hours pre-season (January- August).
● Must serve/volunteer 20 working hours at football field during the football season (i.e. Concessions, Gate Entry, Press Box, Clean Up duty).
● Board Members absent from 2 consecutive Board Meetings including special meetings may be removed from the Board of Directors by a ⅔ vote of a quorum of the other Board Members. If a reason for the cause for being absent for meetings is presented by the Board Member in question and found to be valid by ⅔ vote of the quorum of the remaining Board, no action will need to be taken.
● One person cannot hold the President and Vice President positions.
● Any Board Member can be a coach, but does not guarantee coaching participation or Head Coach position.
● Any Board Member who is removed from the Board of Directors will not be able to serve on the Board of Directors for ROYFA in any capacity and cannot be overturned by the Board of Directors.

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